Independent Chronicles: Mike Da Middleman Check

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Join us for an intimate journey into the heart and soul of Mike Da Middleman Check as he unveils the ups and downs of his recording experience, the challenges of building a company family, and the exhilarating tales of touring alongside his cousin, rocking crowds across the nation.

In this exclusive episode, Mike da Middleman shares the raw and unfiltered stories behind the mic, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the artistic struggles and triumphs that shape his unique journey. From the studio sessions where the energy took over to the challenges of balancing artistry with the responsibilities of building a musical empire, Middleman lays it all bare.

Get ready to witness the passion, the setbacks, and the moments that define Mike Da Middleman Check's quest for recognition as an elite lyrical emcee. As the episode unfolds, you'll be taken on a ride through the highs of touring, feeling the adrenaline of rocking crowds, and the bond that comes from sharing the stage with family.

Stay tuned for a riveting episode that goes beyond the music, offering a glimpse into the life, struggles, and triumphs of Mike Da Middleman Check. It's not just a story; it's the chronicle of an artist forging his path in the hip-hop landscape. **LET THE ORIGIN STORY UNFOLD!!**