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I am a creator, someone that enjoys the long creative days, hours of brainstorming, filming and production cleanup at the end each day. There is a lot of hard work, time, effort and dedication that goes into mine, and other individual projects as well. The thought of lots of money and collective energy is often given away to “bigger” institutions  that utilize their advertisers for their financial business needs while burying the work that has been completed by others with little benefits. I  believe the overall experience has been a lower priority for the content that they have  worked so hard to achieve.  So the objective is to create a place where all projects can get their proper respect and the investments can go back into creating new projects for the wonderful individuals that deal with us directly. We can allow the people themselves to help us build our catalog, which I know will only generate something that everyone will be happy and proud to be a part of. We need your help! Our goal is to continue creating new content, full episode content as well as feature film stories. In the next 12 months we like to host monthly live shows with digital broadcasting and continue to increase our library imprint as we move to an overall streaming model within 3 to 5 years. We wanted to create something fun, suspenseful and entertaining.  A co-op of individuals that have come together to create films, live streams, a musical experience that is an unfiltered view from a talented group of individuals.

Our quest is to entertain and have creative stories that you enjoy being a part of.



Anderson B. Cox

Jason Richardson 

Pamela Baker 

Josh Cox

Tony Valdepena

Cherish Richardson 

Yolanda Mitchell