· By Anderson B. Cox

Before the Mic: Unveiling the Prelude to Emcee Ambitions: Entry 2

In the early '80s, technology stepped into my world around 1983 or 1984, introducing me to a realm of musical possibilities. The advent of cassette tapes marked a significant chapter, offering the means to capture the essence of radio music and craft a personal soundtrack that would become the heartbeat of my days. As this cutting-edge technology harmonized with my exploration of my parents' vinyl records, a profound love for the art of wordplay began to take root, setting the stage for a musical journey.The landscape of the early '80s was a fertile ground for the emergence of the Hip Hop movement, with its roots firmly grounded on the East Coast. However, on the West Coast, I found myself yet to encounter this groundbreaking cultural wave. The fusion of innovation and creativity during this period acted as a magnetic force, irresistibly pulling me into a world that promised to reshape the entire musical landscape.The transformative power of music videos burst onto the scene in 1981, triggering a revolution in audiovisual exploration. The airwaves pulsated with the vibrant sounds of the youth, and my introduction to music became inseparable from the blossoming culture of the early '80s. In those tangible moments when popular songs were sold as physical copies in record stores, a magical connection with the burgeoning Hip Hop culture began to take hold, laying the foundation for a lifelong passion.The echoes of those Saturday mornings played on a loop in my mind, shaping not only my musical preferences but also fostering a deep appreciation for the cultural tapestry being woven. "No Parking On The Dance Floor" by Midnight Star became a lyrical companion, unknowingly sowing the seeds for my future in music. The profound impact of music videos and the evolving cultural landscape became integral to my formative years, shaping the lens through which I would view the world.As I delved into the multifaceted elements of Hip Hop culture, I discovered a rich tapestry of expression. The rhythm of B-Boy dance crews, the vibrant marks left by graffiti artists, the scratching and cutting of DJs, and the intense delivery of MCs—all these elements played a vital role in defining the culture. The journey had just begun, and I eagerly embraced everything Hip Hop, finding my unique voice in the cultural symphony.The melodies of the past seamlessly merged with the present, creating a rich and layered soundtrack to my life. Those early days, marked by the pulse of the '80s, remain a source of nostalgia and appreciation. This marked the beginning of the chronicle of my life as an underground emcee, steering a cultural movement that would leave an indelible mark on the world of Hip Hop.