· By Anderson B. Cox

Breaking Boundaries: Top 10 Independent Artists You Should Know

There exists a thriving underground world of untamed creativity. This is the realm of independent artists, those who've chosen a path less traveled, where they pour their souls into their craft, often outside the limelight. These independent artists are the unsung heroes of the creative world, and their journeys are marked by passion, dedication, and countless challenges. At Kayatick Styles, we believe these artists have stories worth sharing, and that's why we've embarked on a unique journey to bring their narratives to the forefront through our exclusive show, "Independent."

"Independent" isn't just a show; it's an exploration into the lives and artistry of independent musicians and producers who've chosen to carve their own path. The genesis of this project can be traced back to a collaboration with another creator. We were immersed in exploring unique stories from across America, but the more we delved into it, the more I, as an independent musician myself, felt a deep connection to the experiences of these artists.

The life of an independent artist is no walk in the park. The creative process, from writing and recording to booking studio time and marketing, demands relentless dedication. It's often a rollercoaster of ups and downs, filled with personal and financial sacrifices. But it's a journey fueled by an unwavering love for creating music.

So, we decided to sit down with ten remarkable independent artists and embark on a journey to unravel their experiences. We conducted candid interviews with these artists, delving deep into their worlds, to uncover their stories, insights, and motivations. The result is a collection of narratives that every independent artist can relate to.

Let's introduce you to the cast of "The Independent Chronicles" and some of the questions we posed to them:

**Urg7** opens up about the ups and downs of their music journey, reflecting on the point when they contemplated quitting and the driving force that kept them creating. This video touches on the court process, father's rights, and the intimate details of a tumultuous period in Urg 7's life. It's a heartfelt plea to his children, who are now living far away, to hear their father's side of the story and to understand the love, struggles, and sacrifices that have shaped their lives.

**Rockefeller** shares her story of what motivates him to keep making music.

She shares how she shares the passion and love of music with her family.

**Strictly Bizness** discusses the challenges independent artists face and how they promote their art, whether it's through their own avenues or 3rd-party companies. Building his brand and incorporating music, fashion, and artists into his process.

**El Fuggins** highlights the gift and the curse of being independent, whether being single or in a relationship can help or hinder an artist's progression.

**Invinceable** provides insights into his perspective on success in the music industry and the demands of the craft organization, trying to balance the expectations of family and friends with how they view your success.

**G13** reveals his vision for the end game of his independent efforts and how he views his journey once it's all said and done, whether he will always make music or one day stop.

**Ryda909** talks about his financial responsibilities outside of music and the struggles he's faced, the highlights, and the ups and downs in what he faces.

**Lyrically Aware** reflects on the concept of independence as an alternative means of expressing feelings and emotions outside of music and what keeps him motivated. Creating a group as a young girl with her family and the love for performing and writing poetry

**Dallas Now What** opens up about the benefits of relationships in business and how that can gain more

Mike Da Middleman Check shares his unique journey and the lessons he's learned from his experiences in the music industry. Risking everything to create a business, losing family, and whether being an independent artist is worth the journey

In "The Independent Chronicles," you'll meet these remarkable artists and learn from their diverse experiences. Together, they offer a rich tapestry of lessons, struggles, and triumphs that encompass the independent artist's journey. These artists are the embodiment of dedication, creativity, and resilience, and they're an integral part of the Kayatick Styles community.

Join us as we journey through the fascinating world of independent artistry, learning from those who've chosen to be the architects of their musical destinies. It's a tribute to their creativity and their dedication to the craft they love.