· By Anderson B. Cox

New Legends

New Legends:
A unknown underground that has not been heard from since the infamous fire a few years back, after all art had been destroyed the old technology of a vinyl records laid protected and completely buried until recently unearthed from a new construction site. After being played on the garage of a records player the construction work older brother comes in and hears the record first pianos and and drums kick in as his younger brother listen in awe. "Lyrical" content is something the older brother immediately remembers and is at first elated however the concern soon kicks into affect. Questions soon turn into a grilling session as the older brother begin to ask questions like where did you get this, and how many people have you told about this music? After reading the linear notes it has informed both siblings that the group is composed of G13 & Mike Da Middleman Check. The rythm style is aggressive and powerful and even has and soon bring back the history and the once forgotten culture has now been detailed from "A to Z" on how to reseed the art and let the "Consequences" of new hip hop music repairs and bring back the once vibrant and talented art form. The older the brother advise his younger brother to please "Don't do it" and continue on with cleaning up the construction site and save his money from his "Paper Chase" however both can not resist the vibe and tempo and those thoughts of the older brother thoughts soon go "bye bye" and brothers begin to share vinyl to "The Scene" of locals musicians. What would seem like "2 minutes" flat the music soon starts to gather momentum, and a once extinct of "Hip Hop Hip Hop" has started to "Evolve the Game" to new heights. The younger brother does not have any knowledge of the past and thinks he has "Nothing to lose" however the older brother know that he involved is begin to consider himself a "Dead Man Walking" the moment feels good as people begin to resonate to the still highly dangerous listening party, however the older brother knows that "The Struggle" has only just begun!