· By Anderson B. Cox

Mike Da Middleman Check

Middleman: an underground elite emcee who has developed his skill to become a valuable and verbal assassin to the culture of hip hop. With an unorthodox rhythm flow, Mike Da Middleman Check has been assigned to his own faction, "New Legends," and, based on recent Intel, has newly discovered an affiliation with the group "Gangus Cons." Future recognition will reveal more information about this group soon. Mike da Middleman Check has been known to be one of the leading organizers and the mastermind behind the underground organization Kayatick Styles. Mike Da Middleman has been known to have an unfiltered approach to detailing current events and a relentlessly truthful approach to his songmaking. In this report, the truth cannot be told and must be stopped at all costs. Or data shows a pending testimony called the Death of the Middleman that should not be released or consumed by anyone. The information on this body of work should be used with extreme and excessive technical fortitude in apprehending the lyrically witty and musically gifted Emcees. The rebirth of the culture must be stopped before Mike Da Middleman and his colleagues make a significant impact on hip-hop culture and the people who follow its practices.