· By Anderson B. Cox


G13: The wildcard emcee that is often sent in to battle is determined to obliterate and destroy anything that comes within his path! The rhythmic flow of passionate lyrics and soulful delivery can move any crowd and create devastating influences. Intelligence also categorizes his affiliation with the "New Legends" and has suggested that he could also have a connection with the group the Gangus Cons. There have been rumblings of a complete body of work called "Under the Underground," which has the ability to gather and control crowds and keep the feeling and energy of hip-hop's continuing legacy. This music and art must not be available to the masses out of fear of a resurgence and resurrection of the art form that we want banned from existence. It seems that G13 is an important intrinsic part of the strategic planning to keep the elements of hip-hop alive. Upon last surveillance, we have seen the Emcees on the west coast and they should be considered one of the most talented and dangerous Emcees that has the ability to radicalize the entire underground Hip Hop movement.